We know what it takes...

We knew what it would take to heal our templates

We are remembering and learning how to navigate these waters with integrity on the path of Impeccability.

The activations we go through are moving us forward, onward and Godward as it all becomes more palpable while engaging with such advanced techniques and all intricate processes this triggers (within/without), bringing the resolution and reclamation while simultaneously applying the tools we have available and see appropriate during such massive DNA activation and processing frequency accretion levels internally.

Good to remember that this is what is occurring with the Cosmic and planetary re-evolution itself.

From my perspective, this isn't something that comes out from our intelectual mind or wishful thinking - it's rather experienced through direct cognition and with our entire multidimensional anatomy as we access higher senses, also through our own unique contracts and specific coding along with the life events we have agreed to participate in order to rehabilitate.

This is all indeed reflected in our personal and collective hologram through our constant realignment, engagement and response with the trigger/choice points we are presented.

From huge complexity to simplicity, and all of it together.

We see where the distortions are and go there to dismantle them. How do we do this? From within ourselves. Perhaps we are first attracted unconsciously, then we take the necessary action and choice once we get there.

Some of this might come from entanglements we are yet to conclude and release inside, others may happen really by design as part of our purpose.

Either way, there is the eternal cosmic design and perfection in all and each experience.

"The Cosmos is Watching and Always Will Be."

In my own current experience I can see that a lot is being presented to finally release, and it is with great awe that I witness this.

An ongoing opportunity of growth and healing, with major internal shifts and realizations, bringing more clarity to a level I haven't been yet able to perceive, or at least it hits you deeply in different stages.

I can see the amount of responsibility and power it brings to full-fill such mission and how bold each of us need to be to reach this point.

Everything is all-ready set in motion and available right here right now, so we get to access and engage more fully in this sophisticated process occurring through us as new UPshifts and UPlevels take place.

We are indeed agents of change and Star Riders of the Kryst.

It is from this place of remembrance and within my Mission Sphere that I must proceed clearing the path and access more of the Bio-Spiritual Healing that's available to us as an Eternal Gift and birthright.

I relax in the knowing that within our very Eternal connection, each breath is full-filling our destiny.

Our path to true Freedom.

This is a noble path and everything becomes Krystal clear once we go deeper in this innerstanding, even when sometimes things seem to not make any logical sense whatsoever... Things are actually working out and happening on all levels, only to be further revealed.

And as we take full command, this can be reflected through each action and expression in everything we do/are from here.

I express my Eternal gratitude to the continual support of the Beloveds, our Eternal families and shields.

You all know the immensity of this work and what it takes (and if you don't yet, you'll certainly realize it in its own divine timing just as I AM), and for this I'm grateful.

With love and cosmic giggles,

Artist & Visionary

In love and service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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