Our Time Is Now – A Love Letter from Me to You

What a journey it has been to bring us here up until this now, where things are more grounded and the vision is getting more clear! A Krystal Vision if you will. An ongoing and very sophisticated intelligent process to say the least.

The visions/insights are now taking shape and revealing themselves more and more clearly… and I’ve been taking and honoring the space to integrate all that’s being shown during this transformation.

My intention with launching this website and newsletter is to finally establish and nurture a space where I’m able to reach you with insights, writings, updates, tools, inspirations, new creative expressions and sound fields, guidance and support. A living laboratory and experiment in constant development.

A way to share a variety of posts and content about co-creative endeavors, theoretical material and other gifts, not only from me but also from members of our extended soul/star family here assisting immensely on this journey.

A way of sharing outside the social media platforms too, where I can still use them as a bridge to connect, but not giving it all away into those fields and constructs. To have a coherent space that will evolve and constantly transform itself, whenever it feels appropriate and as the energy directs. A container for collaboration as well, just like we’ve been doing on so many levels.

It is also my intention to share some precious tools and informative snippets of Keylontic Science and the Guardian Material (see this post and this recommended reading), as these snippets and excerpts are quite packed with codes, sooo inspiring and activating, and can serve as gentle reminders to all of us so we never lose sight of why we are here and what is our task and place in the greater picture. More information will be added to the website in the format of new posts in order to have this intel available here in an easy way that’s beneficial to all.

Sharing codes. Sharing art. Sharing sound.
All that triggers, inspires and expands our Consciousness.

Our Eternal families are here with us.

I AM a member of the Eternal, and so are you.

One thing I believe we all share and have in common is the amount of love and creativity we can bring into our lives. To live life as art… Once we are able to see through the eyes of Source, we can easily see the beauty that surrounds, even if no one remembers it.

Realizing we are the conduits and pillars to build a new paradigm. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to “get it done” (that’s so linear!) – acknowledging that everything we are doing in every moment with our every breathe and every challenge we face, is serving an epic purpose… and that every little step is a huge step in our precious re-evolutionary journey.

My job is to remain present in this knowing and letting others to do the same.

How this ascension looks and feels like to each individual and collective can appear very unique and personal… This is supposed to be so, I guess we can all agree on this.

And this re-evolutionary RISE reconnection is occurring with or without our conscious contribution as it embraces All Life as we know it – even what’s unseen to our current perception and condition. It all can get so more easy to innerstand when we allow ourselves to comprehend these mechanics by remaining curious and asking questions.

“The process of Re-Evolutionary Rise Reconnection is the organic process of Krystal-Bridge Passage by which organic Template Reconnection to the Eternal Life Cosmoverse is regenerated; it is an organic aspect, attribute and “last-chance remedy” inherent to the Natural Eternal Laws of Transplaneal, Multidimensional, Cosmoversal Unified-Field-Physics.” – KDDL3

We are Eternal students and Guardians on a noble mission set in motion before the beginnings of time and it is all playing out in real-time… Our remembering is Now.

These are unprecedented times and what a miracle it is being able to step into this next phase of our embodiment and planetary trajectory.

After linear years of tough work and going through several stages/phases of our awakening and embodiment, we’ve reached a new status and paradigm on this ascension planet. This is reflecting back at us on a very personal and collective level. It can be easy and simple if we so choose, even with all its challenges.

We always knew this shift would be immense and it would change everything.

What’s been happening globally touched all of us on a deep level, and it seems like we’re now holding our positions with more discernment and a wider innerstanding of the many roles all players have in this game of Existence.

Nothing is like we thought it was. Nothing is black or white. We are learning to navigate and integrate polarities in a whole new way. These were our initiations and training. Not because it’s fun or we couldn’t find anything more interesting to do… But because this is all part of our assignments and divine commissions prior to incarnation.

Can you see the immense shifts you’ve been going through lately?
Can you see how much of it has been so profoundly transformational…
All healing and accelerating your consciousness?
The great purpose it is serving and the divine cosmic design of it all.

We’re on a fast track here, so we can slow down in the eyes of LUV.
Being peaceful when we meet the chaos.

What is it that we want to experience from here?
Energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy…
What kind of playgrounds are we willing to experiment?

DNA Activations and Expansions

Our contracts may change as we go and access/reach different levels of our identity and frequency.
Where we find ourselves individually is key to decipher the external realities and our tasks here.

We are continually re-birthing and bringing other portions of ourselves into this 3D realm at many different stages of our lives, until eventually this process “completes”…
A new level of perception and frequency can anchor in from the above dimensions and internal domains we are stationed so we can operate/function from higher DNA strands here, simultaneously unlocking/spreading these codes and making them available for all.

This is our own DNA activating/projecting/running in our screen of Consciousness, through each of us.
This is our work and focus, to learn how to expand and co-create from within these new levels of consciousness.

Many of us are going through a complete recalibration and restructure of our templates, this will influence and change how we put ourselves out there… how we perceive this world, and in how we are able to express/translate this sense of home we carry within in order to get to experience and share it in all our relationships.

New pathways are being created from within and they will also translate in our physicality.

It can get challenging and tricky when dealing with the layers of illusion dissolving along the way within ourselves and in the external systems of this world, to *feel* the feelings of separation we carry, while simultaneously remembering and coming into wholeness within this deep space inside… It takes clarity and a deep innerstanding of which kind of frequency we are operating from daily, what we (don’t) tolerate, what we perpetuate, what we are contributing with energetically… And lots of discernment about our own integrity and service work.

We can see so many realities and opportunities in the field, but we can never neglect our own individual path and standing. Our own individual healing process.

It’s not possible to come together if many parties are still operating in separation or running hidden agendas, consciously or unconsciously. It’s only possible to offer a gift, an opportunity, and let it go without expectation of having anything immediately in return.

We see the potential of coming together with others, but also the distortions and healing that is occurring in the shields so we can simultaneously evolve and co-create from a place of stability and integrity…
Here realities collapse when needed, and then we are able to re-build, to hold the fields and ourselves in place enough to sustain it again.

This is so important right now as we align our choices and trajectory with the Krystal Timewave Blend progressing.

We can all take responsibility in this process. One individual affects the all. And it only takes a few amount of individuals to bring this shift and make it available for all choosing it too.
So new realities can emerge, new windows and opportunities, new levels of balance and prosperity for all.

We are creating the space in the present for what is already happening in the “future”.
This is where we can simply walk and step into it while maintaining everything in place.

It’s this willingness we have to step into the highest and heroic versions of ourselves…
Trusting, strengthening and fortifying our own relationship with God-Source and our Eternal nature.

Again, it takes linear years to achieve/reach this point inside to a point where it is fully integrated.

So be gentle with yourself, that’s a tough lesson to learn.

Where can we become more gentle, softening, and also strong and powerful?
This is where our true power resides.

Ultimately, it’s all about being human, being there, being present.

To love ourselves fully and comprehend our existence and its eternally positive benevolent context.

This is my greatest aim and purposeand as I do it for myself, I might be able to inspire others too.
And as others are doing it for themselves, they are also inspiring me and all of us to evolve in this direction.
This is how it goes, a continual elevation and expansion… This is what keeps me going and this spark alive!

Doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, your surroundings and chosen assignments/contracts.
I see you, I hear you, I love you… please be you, authentically!

Many of us as Wayshowers (here to show the way) and creatives have been reactivating many of our dormant gifts and skills, for the time has come. It’s not something to be glamorous about. This is rocky and muddy, as it is magical, fascinating and a mysterious process.

We have been constantly readjusting our journey and being flexible, listening to the energy and continually going inwards. Collapsing all that is not in alignment, being able to now build and access new worlds.

Build the structures. Build the foundations. Focusing in our Legacy.

We are in times of rebuilding and bridging… Internally, externally… Finding the center within ourselves as we navigate this external, so we are extremely rooted in the internal-eternal truth of our original essence. Embracing fully our human task and opening up ourselves to clear so many layers of (un)consciousness and distortions held in our templates. Immaculation it is.

You also don’t need to copy others or be in a state of wanting to “fit in” in certain mentality. It’s time to let all of this go out the window for good.

We are reconnecting to our Eternal Truth. We stand in this knowing. Your codes, your expression, your uniqueness is what this world and *yourself* needs.

I feel we’ve reached a space now where all that really matters is knowing where we stand, and allowing ourselves to lead the way towards a much more integrous and harmonious way of Being. One that knows it’s safe and actually really needed for us, to be our true authentik selves.

How this looks like in our external everyday life might change, but at the core of our Being we know who we are and we can make a choice. To be the Living Light.

And so we can find this unshakable peace inside. This clarity inside our Being. Simplicity is most often discarded and exchanged for the complexity and hardship. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

All our life themes are unique and particular to each individual. Does this means that I need to become something I am not? To copy another or constantly dim my own knowing and expression for the sake of “belonging” to some artificial construct or community? Nooo! It means I AM able to be myself in a world that tells me to be something else. Only this is enough.

LOVE = Vibrational Harmonization (see post)

You and me, we are the change and the action this world requires.

Let us be in this world, not of it. Let us play and bring forward what we promised.
Let us recognize the immense power we hold and start acting like the sacred beings that we are.
Let us keep embracing our growth and expansion fully.
For our time has come.

Gratitude for your service to humanity. Gratitude for your presence and all that you bring here.

From my eternal spark to yours,

Artist & Visionary

In love and service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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