New light, new codes, new everything…

Energetic realignments and shifts. We got this.

Sudden energetic shifts and realignments today which made me process everything in a new light and feel inspired to grab a pen and paper to write down this light code symbol grid.

After digitizing it I was guided to find an Andromeda M31 background and place it in the center of the grid.

We're entering a new phase and all it takes is absolute trust and connection with our Eternal self. To surrender and all-ways remain present, listening and co-creating with the Beloveds in this great Cosmic design and with(in) the Eternally Positive Context of Existence.

No matter what is going on, it is our own state of consciousness that matters. 🙂

With much love from me to you,

(You can now purchase a print here.)

Artist & Visionary

In love and service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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