Integrating and Embracing our own Expansion

The restructuring and integration phases during our embodiment always requires our absolute presence and flexibility in order for us to function and move the energy required with the most ease. This is necessary to release old constructs/systems and integrate new codes & frequencies to sustain new higher realities and timelines within our external hologram. Your body is constantly adapting and acclimating to these inner processes while your own DNA template heals and activates.

This is a moment-to-moment listening, honoring, embracing, re-adjusting. It totally changes our entire existence and how we operate here.

Trying to fix or “control” with the old fixed mentalities won’t bring any fruits, so it’s good to remain aware of any inner struggle and realize that it is our own higher consciousness and intelligence showing us what to do and how to trust.

As linear structures collapse within, we create the space for the new to unfold – continually birthing realities from the inside-out. Everything outside is a projection of our own DNA template.

Our ability to process and “see” how this occurs will become more evident as direct cognition, this will dictate that which we are able to clear and “materialize” in order to step into a complete new dimension “out there”.

All of this takes place right here, right now, within you.

There is all-ways so much more unlocking and opening up beyond our current comprehension.

A good tool to assist us in accessing this perspective more clearly is seeing our Eternal Self moving us through the experiences we have designed for ourselves and bridge our past-present-future as one.

The ability we have to transcend the prison and illusion of time is also the awareness we require in order to navigate our physical experience with the most grace and innerstanding.

May we remember that Divine Will and Divine Order are always at play.

Let us keep it real and continue to bring more of original essence in everything we do/are.

With so much love and respect,


Artist & Visionary

In love and service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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