Honoring Your Transformation and Embodiment

Deeper/higher levels of your true Self are coming online as we shed old aspects.

It's been a profound year of deep work, clearing and transformation.

Gratitude for the all the lessons and gifts!

And I ask you now... What's the first word that comes to your mind right now as you contemplate 2023 and continue to practice/embody your Divine Presence?

For me it's FREEDOM (again! yes, this is my 2023's word).

Freedom of all shackles and limitations, freedom of outdated beliefs and paradigms, freedom of fear, freedom of everything that no longer serves me, freedom to be me, freedom to project all that my Spirit envisions in this world and beyond.

It feels like several years within a year, so many realities opening up and others fading away, so many experiences/experiments, activations/initiations, along with all the amount of growth, challenging events and sudden shifts that took place and are still unfolding. Enough for someone to feel overwhelmed, and yet it's magical how we get to do things here! What's the worst that can happen when there is nothing to lose and you're all in for growth and transformation?

It's been a while since I've completely unplugged from general/global events at once - I simply do not carry interest anymore and I'm focusing in my inner work and the realities I came here to build... and it feels amazing.

Many of us have felt the collective intensity over the last few years, the drama and agendas that played out and forced us to pay attention and react, or to do our part while observing. They all served a purpose and brought us right on track with our own divine inevitable appointment. It doesn't mean we have forgotten, it means we've made a choice to pierce a little more through the veil and stand in our truth as the noble living expression of God-Source. It also served us to see more deeply what this polarity game is about and how it works.

To look deeper and to keep focusing in our own healing and evolutionary trajectory. As we do it for ourselves, we are leading & opening up the way for others to do the same.


Lately I've been deeply diving and revisiting/studying about many layers of the human traumas and shadow work, the wounds I've been carrying and that were still influencing the way I show up in my life.

As if I'm finally aware of the subconscious programs and its operating system in brand new ways, and how they've been running the show unconsciously for so long and affecting some major aspects of my REALity. It's not that I didn't know about them, or that I haven't done the work for years working on these aspects. Part of me simply wanted to avoid them and put them under the rug because it felt safer, now I'm catching up even further and these new levels of perception are clicking and unlocking, becoming visible in ways which they can't hide anymore - and I finally got it! Lol. It only took these linear years to integrate, right? We normally have no clue about that part, until you get to distance yourself and notice how this really works.

It's time to literally crack the code.

All the aspects I've neglected or didn't want to accept/resolve, adding my own twists and spiritual bypassing - and how this was tricking me to believe that's all I needed to "survive" and "to get by", and that I was doing a service in keeping such beliefs in place. In fact, the level of bypassing that was present in my life was so huge that I wasn't able to see clearly yet. This fight-flight-freeze-fawn response that often times we aren't even aware unless we deeply explore our mechanisms and responses by doing the inner work required.

In my partnership and relationship with Amanda, a lot of these mechanisms have become easy to detect and identify. We have triggered lots of self-reflection and reached deeper realizations internally. Where certain beliefs we both carried showed us exactly what/where we lack, bringing what needs to be refined and looked at, etc, so that we both continually choose to heal, empower and be powerful allies for spiritual growth and the embodiment of our true Self. Here, we honor each other and create a secure/safe container for shame to die. We are willing to explore whatever limitations we are carrying from the past, so that we can finally let them go and continue to do the good work as powerful teachers and mirrors - sharing our learning and findings with others who are also willing to discover and go all the way through, no matter how uncomfortable that might feel. We've both been great expanders and catalysts for this deep self-inquiry and work to unfold in the context of a relationship, and that's definitely part of our assignment and commitment too. I see conscious & evolutionary relationships are key for us as individuals to evolve and bring forth new ways of Being. Ways that are aligned with our soul, our values and virtues as conscious humans and spiritual beings on earth. No matter how challenging our experience might be, that's what we get to choose each moment and continually support each other from this level of awareness and integrity. (more on this to come)

Have a look at the next lines and see where are you at right now. Each of these are powerful markers that can tell us what/where we can still let go of and work on...

9 Signs You've Done Shadow Work

1. You can laugh at yourself.
2. You're not easily offended/triggered.
3. You can see & appreciate multiple perspectives.
4. You're aware of your negative traits without being ashamed of them.
5. You're aware of your negative emotions without being ashamed of them.
6. You're assertive without being rude.
7. You're assertive without being passive-aggressive.
8. You confront adversity and setbacks with courage & poise.
9. You recognize a bit of yourself in everyone.

What's there that we're still defending about our "persona"? What's here that I need to assert in the form of healthy boundaries?
Where am I still giving my power away? Where am I being triggered with external conditions?

We must learn to communicate without violence, being vulnerable with one another, courageously facing our challenges and appreciate whatever is being reflected at us. Once old triggers become neutral, we sure reached a level of embodiment that's been integrated enough and won't shake or make us doubt our foundation anymore. Here, we find the strength and willingness to move forward and dissolve the resistance and any fear inside.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ~ Carl Jung

Now let's have a look at what Spiritual Bypassing is and how it's running rampant in spiritual circles and new age groupthink:

Spiritual Bypassing is an act of denying the truth in the name of higher consciousness as per the New Age belief system, such as the refusal to help others or have Compassion for those that are suffering.

Spiritual Bypassing is generally an Ego Defense Mechanism used by people that identify as lightworkers or on the Ascension path, who are unwilling to see negativity or look at unpleasant truths happening around them. They consider these Unpleasant Truths to be negative energy that lowers their personal vibration, so choose to ignore them and pretend they don't exist. They label these events or classify those people that are truth seekers that share this level of information with others, as fostering negativity and fear.

Spiritual Bypassing is an act of pure egoic selfishness in the guise of projecting oneself as an evolved and higher consciousness person. The profile of this person is that they ignore or downplay certain events they consider negative, in order to protect themselves from being mentally or emotionally triggered. As a result, they deny the truth or make convenient assumptions in order to rationalize the reasons that the tragic event has happened to another group of people. Usually, the blame is squarely placed on the victims, without any feelings of Empathy or Compassion.


Putting up a thought barrier and arguing against an anxiety-provoking stimuli by stating it doesn't exist. Refusing to perceive the more unpleasant aspects of the external reality.


Splitting is a very common Ego Defense Mechanism. It can be defined as the division or polarization of beliefs, actions, objects, or persons into good and bad by focusing selectively on their positive or negative attributes. Splitting diffuses the anxiety that arises from our inability to grasp the nuances and complexities of a given situation or state of affairs by simplifying and schematizing the situation and thereby making it easier to think about.

I am reclaiming my power back in many levels of my life at this point, and it's never too late. In fact, it took me 33 years to realize the biggest lies that I have inherited and believed to be true since young age.

It's time to let it all go with infinite gratitude and divine neutrality, to love and embrace my highest potential.

Even though I've always had the best intentions, sometimes it's been challenging to step back and look at all levels of my experience and make the necessary changes or adjustments, or apply discernment fully acknowledging that there are layers that needed to be healed and changed for good by taking full responsibility with the necessary effective action.

Either you're carrying inherited trauma from your parents, your culture, the environment where you live in... So many aspects here that need to be addressed so that we can finally flip the script and stop carry them blindly as heavy weight on our shoulders! No one in this world deserves it, neither do you.

Right now many of these aspects are becoming visible for me to work with and integrate/transcend. It's been powerful to discover and apply some methods and techniques that allow me to deal with all of this in a easy, simple and grounded way. All it takes is commitment and awareness. Emotional Freedom is required, and dealing with trauma, anxiety, denial and clearing any type of spiritual bypassing is essential for what we are supposed to bring into this world.

This is where we apply the self-mastery tools we have available, and deal with such challenges and initiations.

Most of us might think we are above this work, but that's when we realize there is a much to do and we're stuck in a paradigm that won't take us much further than our comfort zone.

So doing the real work is to recognize this codependent vs narcissistic patterns embedded in the human consciousness, the ancestral patterns, this lack/scarcity mentality mixed with spiritual beliefs, this continual judgment and projection on "us vs them", this denial on money and wealth (this one is a biggie) - as there's been an intentional agenda to keep us stuck rejecting money, or not knowing how to manage money, even not accepting living wealthy lives. All these belief systems and assumptions on money, abundance and prosperity. We gotta understand money as an energy too, an energy that needs to be cleared. So many of us have been programmed to look at money with a negative connotation, from a very unconscious & limited perspective, and for a very good reason. While it's just important to understand it as another aspect of our lives that we should be paying attention to heal instead of avoiding it. And I'm talking to myself. It's easy to find excuses and keep the limitations in place, without taking full responsibility and bring the necessary change. Many factors are involved here, and it's not a black and white thinking - we just need to be willing to break the spell and go beyond.

I used to judge so many people who are doing their own thing, people who are rich and caring for their wealth. Maybe even thinking that I know better, and that those who are charging huge amounts of money for their services are not being authentic or honest... It's absolutely not my job to judge this negatively or assume whatever. My main judgments and lack of perspective or resistance on money here simply made me judge it, not because these people are mean or were doing something wrong... But because I was in denial and still avoiding healing this shadow and belief system held inside, so yes - probably I simply didn't want to accept my own limitations and lack about money due to my past experiences, traumas and strong beliefs inherited.

This part of me that has been doing just enough to get by and not yet getting the bigger picture, and how money can be applied to create good in this world and a life of expansion and alignment too.

You see? Multiple energies of the same core program. Our own creative energy can be used to create, expand and heal, as it can be used and directed to manipulate, control and kill. We choose where we stand, and constantly sow the consequences.

Bernhard Guenther recently wrote in his newsletter:

As a result of having worked through these underlying beliefs and shadows around money, I started to experience an inflow of abundance. I finally started to thrive and create more prosperity in accordance with the universal law of "opening the flow." This universal higher law shows, in a nutshell, that in order to increase the inflow of money, handle and hold the money force in greater amounts (increase wealth), you must exercise your ability to spend it freely and without reservation (without being "stingy!" - key concept!).

It requires a certain level of detachment from money, neither rejecting nor worshiping it. But most importantly, it requires you to become aware of and work through all the unconscious self-defeating core beliefs, shadow aspects, and false spiritual beliefs you may have around money and wealth. These beliefs may go back to your family line for generations.

I learned that nothing stops the flow of abundance (and inhibits your creativity) more than this unconscious matrix scarcity program that is running rampant in the world.

Just as I did, most people justify their scarcity by blaming the outside world, the "evil-doers," the greedy 1%, the banking system, the government, etc. The matrix forces take advantage of that and will give you ample reasons why you should live in financial hardship, why you can't afford the life you desire, and why you will always need to struggle to provide for yourself or your family. “Look at the world; the economy is bad, everyone is struggling, and so must you! Be afraid!” is the message.

But this is a colossal lie and deception. You can thrive, live in abundance, and create prosperity no matter what happens if you are willing to make these inner changes and look at your relationship with money. This process goes beyond just "thinking positive thoughts" and other over-simplified New Age-type ideas.

In fact, the best you can do for yourself, your family, and to help the world is to thrive yourself, be creative and productive, and retrieve the forces of money and power back from the hostile forces who currently control them.

You always had the power; don’t give it away, deny it, or demonize it.

And I completely agree with such statements.

We all need to heal these aspects and start collecting huge chunks of money to build our foundation, and looking at it in whole new ways instead of rejecting this responsibility.

Healing our financial trauma and the old distorted ways will certainly bring the stability and alignment we all wish to fulfill and express. Consequently bringing more joy and resources to share and co-create the world we wish to see.

Where our wealth is used to be of service, and where there's enough for everybody. Where me and those around me can be at ease, and where we wake up each day inspired to contribute and collaborate from a much higher perspective and Beingness, not from survival mode.

It's easy for me to embrace my Buddha nature and retreat in the mountain or under a tree, but it's my task to be in this world and not of it. To bring a new paradigm while clearing the old. To serve as a catalyst for true humanitarian service, a life of expansion and ease.

If I'm the one who's finally making a change in my ancestral lineage and blood family, if I'm the one who chose to incarnate in a certain cultural setting and transcend its limits and mindset, if I'm the one who is healing eons of galactic drama and wars... I must then stop blaming and perpetuating certain disempowered states, and I must focus in creating the world I wish to be possible.

To walk the talk, with my own higher power and consciousness.

I'm the one alchemizing every little aspect of our human condition and becoming the role model for others too.

Not because I seek recognition or validation from anyone, but because it's part of my contract/soul agreement to break the old agreements and re-write all new ones from a conscious and empowered perspective. One that fulfills our lives and are not based in loyalty to unconscious programs and behaviors of my family and ancestors, or the bad guys out there, or firm distorted beliefs based in misery, scarcity, lack of responsibility, and old paradigms of "life is suffering, one must work hard to survive/thrive".

I choose one way of Being that brings the best in us as humans, and where we can actually experience life to its highest potential in simple and creative manners.

I choose a way of Being that allows me to remain authentic in my Truth.

Connected and fully engaged, but not attached.

I've decided to stop thinking small in terms of what is possible and how to do it, and being a pioneer is exactly that... To explore new territory and open up new fields of possibilities, re-wiring my subconscious & outdated beliefs, innerstanding that we can do this work and that's safe to show up fully in this world offering our gifts and keeping our ambitions high.

I've had so many times decided to dim my gifts and desires of teaching/guiding others, of not going all the way through with my own business only because I have felt uncomfortable in triggering others - and it felt best to just follow other passions or staying behind enjoying my Buddha nature.

It's time to up-level and up-shift, and it's time to take radical responsibility if we are the ones writing a new story and healing our templates.

And all of it is okay and part of the necessary process within our own unique experience and life themes.

We are all equipped with certain skills and gifts that are meant to rock the boat and to be utilized in ways that no one can tell us why or how, because that's what makes us unique instead of another copy.

It's about us to discover and follow the excitement and inner guidance to do so.

We are the true medicine in this world, and it's up to us how to activate and deliver it.

Self-realization, self-empowerment, self-healing. These are 3 main components to which I've dedicated this life so far, since my early stages of awakening.

My life experience and own relationship with God-Source is the way I've learned, along with so many external and inspiring teachers, mentors and creators out there - not to mention our own invisible connection to the higher levels of consciousness that we are intrinsically part of.

It's time that we allow ourselves to blossom and step up.
It's time for the next level of our service to flourish and flow through us.

I wish we all can look back in perspective and see how far we've come and acknowledge the effort and continual dedication to our evolution and transformation.

These are powerful times to be alive, let's continue to unravel all that's showing up.

I'm excited to experience this new level of consciousness emerging, with all new passions and fire beaming from my core.

So that I can deliver my medicine to you, and simultaneously dissolve any compromising energies, beliefs and structures that have kept me/us small.

I wish that your fire and inner spark gets lit up too, and that the world can hear you roar as we choose to bravely show up and consciously contribute to this shift in paradigm.

For now, all my love and gratitude to you!

For choosing the path less traveled out here, and for choosing the embodiment of y/our higher consciousness.

Now it's a great opportunity to land our new visions and creations during this sacred season, which is functioning as a powerful gateway.

I'll continue writing and sharing more too, as that's my highest excitement and calling as we speak...

Keep shining and being who you are! 😉

With love and respect,

WayShower & Guide

In Love and Service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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