Embracing Who We Are: Taking The Leap

Our time is Now.

As an Agent and Pioneer of Change, I AM ready to bring forth the Highest Visions into form.

I've been navigating the most beautiful, challenging and profound shifts in my life (see previous Newsletter), and it's time to get back on writing and sharing with you. Usually I write and share from a wider perspective (as many of us are going through such similar processes), in way of transmitting as a whole. We're all-ways intrinsically interconnected. It's also great to write from a personal perspective/view, so I'll share a bit of my own story/experience - interchangeably relating to the bigger picture.

These are transformational times. New realizations and choices designed and put in place to bring us to the next level of embodiment and divine service here. I knew 2023 would be the trigger point for this to occur in some incredible ways.

Integration and embodiment takes linear years to accomplish and it's an on-going process. In my experience, we do this work by accessing deeper/higher levels of our own identity, and dissolving lower entanglements of old constructs. This will manifest in my life as trigger points and experiences. It might bring me to a certain place and reality, to see the distortions and then collapse them. Now we are in a place of building realities and holding them stable. This is the next phase of functioning from our new level of consciousness, while acknowledging all the steps and previous experiences needed to bring me/us here. It's a quantum way of existing.

A great part of this integration/transition process taking place for me right now has been the divine gift of being in a sacred partnership and manifesting our dream. This is big, and its purpose is way beyond what our human can think of and comprehend at first.

Being united in a sacred relationship with your counterpart is a work and commission that serves as a catalyst for the embodiment of our higher consciousness and spirituality in profound ways. A lot can be said on twin flame dynamics, and it involves very personal and unique contracts which might work differently for everyone according to everyone's perspective and own experience (in fact, it all gets very clear and simple once we get out of the way). In short, this contract is triggered by 1) conscious choice on a spiritual level, 2) once both achieve a level of activations and inner work triggering a divine sacred union within.

Coming together with my partner this year has been tremendously powerful and divinely orchestrated.
These are some of the reasons why:

  • All ancient energies/ancestral stuff suddenly popped out for us to process and clear in a deeper way.
  • All the trauma and dormant stuff held within our templates came to the surface, which I couldn't yet fully access and see how deep it runs.
  • To see how twisted has been the manipulation and war on the masculine/feminine, and reverse it.
  • A way of alchemizing negative emotions attached and old programs that weren't even ours in the first place; finally releasing these old patterns and bring clearing/healing and transcendence.
  • A way of bringing divine neutrality and function as a mirror and expander to each.
  • A way of seeing each other as we are, and sustaining a connection within on a very deep intimate level.
  • Seeing all sides of the polarity/duality, the ugly and the beautiful, and go beyond.
  • The lies/limitations I used to believe or tell myself are no longer an option. Gone.
  • No walls or hiding games can co-exist here. Transparency is all-ways required.
  • The uncomfortable must become comfortable. This is how we find liberation and apply authenticity.
  • Acceptance and commitment is key to grow, evolve, and change.
  • Apply radical forgiveness to all aspects that are no longer serving.
  • Continually embracing and integrating our highest potential.
  • Creating a space where it's safe to express, be seen and unconditionally love ourselves.
  • To realize that the blissful moments are as important as the challenging ones.
  • To be pure and raw as we are - reclaiming our innocence, joy and power.
  • A field to practice our self-mastery and true embodiment.
  • To dream awake and build our vision as we go.

This is the real healing and purpose. It's my compass for showing up authentically in every aspect of my life, so the real work can blossom and be sustained by our shared values and mission in this world. Being in such partnership is a powerful ground to work and evolve as conscious human beings, and for this I AM beyond grateful. It is offering us the opportunity to expand and anchor more of our gifts and fulfill our roles.

It's all about creating the necessary space to go inside and nurture even more our connection with God-Source.
This is where we can continually practice compassion, find the guidance and inspiration to support and fulfill our immense service to all. This is the working ground for each relationship outside of us too, embracing every aspect of our lives. It's about focusing in the future we want to co-create in this NOW.

If the polarity triggers, it is there to be integrated. This is possible through the work we do individually, which is our ultimate responsibility.

This is an example of how these constructs/systems we carry inside are the same ones that are reflected through our external world in this polarity game. Power games and control, lies and deceptions. These are deeply rooted in our genetics and outside structures, also seeing playing out through spiritual circles and online communities. We do what it takes to clear and alchemize, bringing a balanced exchange and mirroring this in alignment with our true Being and Source, in vibrational harmonization (Love), and then reflected in our own REALity.

It all starts and ends with us. So we can leave a legacy here on earth for future generations, as we walk the road less traveled.

Only with our self-mastery tools and through constant practice, awareness and self-regulation, can we achieve liberation and see the greater design that we are a part of.  How our choices affects the whole.

Seeing the negative and positive, discharging/integrating the polarities and coming back to Center. This is key for our own well-being and sense of Self.

To see it all. To feel it all. As we expand and clear out the old, this will 'test' us in all new ways, through every external relationship and belief systems still limiting our experience. All the neglected aspects, all the unconscious programs, attachments and necessary emotions must be triggered and become visible in order to heal.

My intention is to transcend, awaken and build the new foundations through my own Presence.

What's being asked from each of us right now is a complete leap of trust.

To trust one another, and to know this is serving a higher purpose bigger than us.

Knowing what we came here to do and wake up each day with this deep knowing alive inside ourselves.

The polarity integration aspect of this journey is needed, applying divine neutrality is key for the unfolding timelines we are choosing as collectives, and for our own personal trajectory as master builders and powerful beings.

I have been processing a lot lately on what this really means, and how to step up/act accordingly. Decisive choices, that are dictating every aspect of my current reality. Because I carry a vision and is my job to bring it forth. There is no way back. There is no need to force it either, but to find the flow and the consistency needed.

When moving through the uncomfortable challenges life presents, I must ask and see what's the lesson.
Because each and every challenge is there to serve my expansion, an opportunity for growth and the transcendence of old programs.

  • When I'm faced with fear and distortions, am I able to remain observant and clear them?
  • Where am I giving my power away?
  • What are my cores beliefs? What am I identifying with?
  • What's this that I am currently choosing to believe?
  • Is it serving my true purpose and embodiment right now?
  • Am I seeing clearly through the eyes of God-Source?
  • Do I choose to remain blocked in limited patterns that are preventing me from choosing more joy, love and liberation in this lifetime?

These are questions I must ask regularly. Normally we get ourselves too "stuck" and comfortable, looping around in circles, either with the "good" stuff and more dramatically with the "bad" stuff.

How much am I seeing in my own current REALITY that translates as the magical world I believe in and wish to create, that's reflecting my genuine co-creation with Source?

If we don't get attached to anything, we create the space for everything to unfold with ease and grace.

And it might surprise you what's there for you to unwrap!

By trusting and believing that what I'm creating and doing right now is serving me and others, I feel at ease and have a sense of purpose.

When it gets tough with challenging polarities/duality contrasts (inside/outside) - I may look with curiosity and realize: here's a giant opportunity to realign and expand!

Observe the triggers. Expansion and innerstanding is on the other side of the struggle.

Recently I was able to see beyond the layers of amnesia and the elemental forces that might try to keep us stuck in a loop like this. It didn't feel comfortable at all, rather chaotic and confusing. Until clarity eventually emerged through a level of trust and surrendering, opening up whole new opportunities and a deep knowing inside.

We don't have it all figured out all the time (we don't need to), so we must become flexible in order to go beyond.

Once we surrender completely to our true Self and inner vision, we are required to transcend and dissolve the layers of resistance/separation/limitation that might show up in order to step out of the apparent comfort zone (prison) of the 'old' constructs that we once knew and accepted to be true.

It's all about choice.

This is where we can bring true healing and choose differently.
We must feel it all in order to release, not suppress.

We were made for this. Transformation is the only constant in life.

We are here to be the difference and to be this CHANGE now. We can only do it by completely dedicating every moment to the Truth and in living our wildest dreams/imagination.

Not to feed any lies of an outdated paradigm, but to have the strength and willingness to BUILD what we know to be REAL. No matter what it takes.

As we make peace with this profound truth and potential inside ourselves, we can utilize everything in our favor. We no longer carry an "against" energy with the external.

Me or you, this and that, us or them. We realize everything is serving our awakening and liberation, a higher version of ourselves.

The perfect example for what we are building here is to neutrally observe the current affairs in the world as a reflection of change, and still focusing in our own unique journey and foundation. This will consequently rewrite our entire hologram, as we remember how to use and direct our Creative Force.

So we can build CommUNITY and step into true humanitarian service.

It all starts with a choice and intention, and when you jump toward it, this will affect many other timelines that are interconnected. Many will (eventually) collapse. Not all realities can be sustained for too long if they lack coherence and are out of alignment. Sometimes it can be tricky to discern, as our blockages and resistance might get in the way. Learning to differentiate when it's coming from my ego/fear or from my Higher Self is key.

Remember how time is simultaneous, and this fabric of existence is projected by our thoughts and agreements. A choice, action and belief attracts a consequence and certain result/experience. It carries the potential of influencing my entire trajectory in a future that's already unfolding in this Now.

This is how it goes collectively. Imagine many individuals (un)consciously choosing a certain trajectory, the gazillion of realities constantly opening & closing simultaneously. Then there's a gap, an "in-between", an uncertainty... Until it fully manifests. It needs to be coherent in order to be held in place.

This is the power each of us have by co-creating in a way that's serving the highest good of all. There is still a conflict coming from negative/positive polarities which allow different experiences and agendas to take place. We must accept, surrender and hold the highest realities in place. Organically. And let Source do the rest. Only then can we step into it with grace, and connect with that part of us that was already "there", waiting to catch up all along.

We build new worlds with the coding we are carrying in our templates.
It's time to let go of all outdated programming and fully embrace our potential.

We can only build a New paradigm and way of living here by taking the leap, fully trusting our Divine calling and remaining authentic. It will require our willingness and commitment to let ourselves become a clear conduit of Source. We are the ones creating new standards and bringing healing - moment by moment - to the polarized aspects that are here to be transcended. Resolving/integrating the polarity, bringing all into Oneness again.

To come back to purity and living in simplicity is a noble thing to do.

May we all find our own connection and support/inspire each other by making wise choices.

Let's use the strength we're equipped with in order to bring forth true Freedom.
Let's show humanity what's possible and give birth to our own visions.
With great power comes great responsibility.
And we won't go back to sleep or continue to play small.

All it takes is You to show up as You are.
For me to show up as I AM.
For me to choose wisely.
I choose Love, I choose Freedom. I choose heaven on earth now.
As an extension and conduit of God-Source in the form,
I AM guided and supported at all times.

And So Are YOU.

As you do it for yourself, you're doing it for ALL.

We got this.

Happy blessings to you on this sacred season.

With love,

WayShower & Visionary

In Love and Service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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