A New Paradigm

Beyond the surface, our journey unfolds into unseen realms. As we embrace our evolving selves and reconnect with our true purpose, a higher perspective emerges, inspiring the creation of new realities. Here, leaders, visionaries, artists, and WayShowers like us step into the role of co-creators, fostering opportunities that serve humanity and all life. In this sacred space, change begins within us, rippling outward to transform the world we reflect. Your presence, dedication, and service are deeply appreciated on this profound journey of co-creating a reality aligned with our highest vision. Join us in weaving the tapestry of this new paradigm, where each thread contributes to the collective evolution of consciousness.

“Being there, being human, being present.”

Meet Guilherme

Visionary Guide and WayShower

Guilherme, a sound alchemist, artist, and energy healer, has recently expanded his journey as a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), deepening his commitment to support others in their own healing, exploration and re-evolution of consciousness. A dedicated guide and teacher, he weaves together the realms of energy healing and the artistry of sound to assist in the remembrance and activation of our original divine blueprint.

His sessions provide not only support, awareness, and guidance but also serve as a gateway to the transformative realms of Ascension and Awakening. Beyond individual sessions, Guilherme and his partner are community builders, fostering connections and offering transformative experiences. Together, they curate retreats focused on conscious relationships and lead workshops like ‘The Art of Sacred Union‘. They’ve recently created EFT Community, providing tools and courses to assist others with the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Their joint dedication infuses their journey with love, awareness, and spiritual growth, serving as catalysts for collective evolution.



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Lena Norway

I have had some very strong activations and openings from Guilherme’s light encoded work. He has an unique talent as an intermediate of these light codes.

Theresa CA, USA

Guilherme’s transmissions are beautiful and honestly, non-stop. In Tunisia, I watched galactic light codes flow into his field and flow out, unimpeded. Constantly. He’s a very pure conduit with an extraordinary heart.

Kate USA

Guilherme’s activation brought me to tears. He’s indeed star family. I am so grateful for your time and contribution.

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