A spontaneous note to Self and All

So every time you reach a certain higher frequency inside you’ll be meeting aspects of the external consciousness that will probably project resistance in you and confront your new level achieved.
You’ll be annoyed and probably respond back with your subconscious as an automatic response, especially when you know you’re stepping into a much higher and expanded version of reality and timeline. Those aspects that you’re meeting represent the “old” in you and the unconscious programming that was still stored inside your cellular matrix.Keep integrating/going inwards and seeing all as a response from you to you. The entire holographic experience will keep changing and moving, and you clear the “outdated” BS by engaging and detaching from the illusion of the play on a 3D level-perception.

Keep anchoring/building a conscious state and the response will change as you expand.

As you clear the reversals and triggers, you also integrate more of your authentic levels and rewire your body-system to flow and operate accordingly projecting your entire hologram from the level of consciousness you’re able to function from now.

You won’t require much more direct reflections and polarities playing out as you’re now in new fields of possibility in this experiment, and even when observing and being part of the contrast and polarity down here, it won’t pull you down because you see straight what this game is about.

This may take linear years to achieve and process, remember it’s an on-going check too.

Nowadays it’s been quite fascinating, hilarious and quick to observe how this occurs.

Things are SHIFTING quick and we’re on an expedited journey HOME. 😉

Hold the line. Be brave.

Artist & Visionary

In love and service to the Organic Ascension and All Life Everywhere.

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